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Room for Everyone

Allow passengers to track their journeys and book future trips seamlessly, all in one place

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Bringing the Bus and Coach Industry up to Speed

People have grown accustomed to knowing where their vehicles are via Deliveroo and parcel tracking.


Why should buses be any different?

Designed with Operators in Mind

Made up of operators all around the country giving customers direct access to the person they book their transport through.

Easy to Use

Intuitively designed for operators and customers. We provide driver training and support for effortless integration. 

Keep Competitive 

Providing customers and clients with the convenience of an app, so they are able to manage and track their booking in one place.


Streamline your service with custom options including; Head counts, monthly KPI reports and boarding passes.

An Effective Solution to Digitalise Your business 

Our Vision 


GoZooma is bringing small business’ to the forefront of the industry by providing them with the tech they need.


We want to empower operators by providing them with the technology that their customers want. 

We are big enough to service your needs yet small enough to provide you with the customer service you deserve. 


Get a quote and book transport via our app with our dedicated team of operators


Our App Features






Passenger Login


Booking Portal


Vehicle Tracking

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Book in a demo today so we can discuss further how GoZooma can service your needs. Whether you're an operator, university, school or business, we can cater to your needs. Always room for everyone!

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