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Bringing the Bus & Coach Industry up to Speed

Our Services


GoZooma App

Allow your passengers, to book manage and track their booking all on their phone.  Use the app to automate payments and streamline your booking process.

The driver app allows drivers to log in and initiate journeys to begin the tracking process. Once the job has been concluded, the driver can unassigned the vehicle to stop the tracking. Services we also offer; headcount, monthly KPI reports, boarding passes.


Corporate Shuttles

Allow passengers to track their morning and afternoon corporate bus service.



GoZooma can be used for all internal transport within your campus, allowing security to track where all university buses are at any time live, via a centralised map. Passengers will scan their virtual passes when boarding the bus, this will allow you to know who has boarded the vehicle and when. The notification setting also allows you to contact all students in case of an emergency at one of the campuses.

Working with operators to level up our industry

Made by operators with drivers in mind. We can work together to improve our industry.

Learn more about how GoZooma can work for you.

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